Sliced Bread

The moist texture of, the typical sliced loaf, distinguishes it from the rest. Fresh and tender it has a long-lasting shelf life. Pan Milagros uses a great selection of raw ingredients, following a strict baking process to ensure a top-quality product.

As a result, the split-top white bread is very different thanks to its traditional and long-lasting flavor.


Our white bread is the bread of life, is characterized by its juiciness and texture, those that make it so distinctive and different from the rest. With all the freshness and tenderness that makes a delicious snack your sandwiches, toast and canapés.


Our natural bread is made at home, with 100% natural ingredients: flour, water, yeast, dough mother, sugar and a pinch of salt. Without additives or artificial preservatives.

Whole Wheat

The comprehensive variety gives us large doses of fiber that helps us to purify the body, as well as carbohydrate complexes that keep us batteries charged any longer. Without sacrificing the taste and tenderness of the best bread.