Pre-cooked Bread

This variety is baked in the traditional way, except for the interruption of the baking process just before being thoroughly cooked in order to keep it fresh before reaching its last stage. In this way, our costumers can enjoy the freshness and softness of fully baked bread at its best.

Vienna bread

Thanks to out moisture process, we get a light bread of soft and puffed-up crumb of ivorish color, with a delicate crust. Ideal for hors d’ouvre.


This bread has a thin crust, with a slightly moist but soft brownish crumb, and texture and flavor of freshly "baked bread".


A select variety in a different class by itself, but following our traditional baking process guidelines.

Healthy variety

Bread is a key element for a balanced diet and a main source of carbohydrates, and Milagros Bakery offers a great variety of bread for costumers with refined palates or compromised metabolism. Our specialties contain whole wheat, rye and other ingredients like wheat bran, soybean and assorted grains.

Restaurant variety

This is a customised line for hotels, restaurants and bars, with a great assortment of breads for appetizers, hors d’ouvre and menus.